Fundraising of 230,000 euros for Unitag

by bold-lichterman

We waited an amount between 150,000 and 300,000 euros. It is finally the sum of 230,000 euros that has just raised Unitag , from two well-known start-up investors in the region: Capitole Angels – also a member of the DigitalPlace Cluster – and the DP Invest seed fund.

The contributions of these two mobile regulars amount respectively to 83% and 17% of the total amount raised. Following the official announcement of the lifting, Alain Delecroix, member of Capitole Angels, declared himself convinced by the potential of the market in which Unitag operates.

This young start-up, created in 2011 by five engineers, offers professionals the opportunity to independently create their communication campaign on smartphones, by providing them with what to generate their own QR codes, but also tools for creating web pages and monitoring audience.

Unitag now has around a thousand customers and almost half of them abroad. With this fundraising, she announced that she wanted to double or almost double its workforce, in order to reach more international customers. It also aims to improve its platform by adding NFC and developing APIs.