From MVNO, Transatel wants to transform testing into IoT

by bold-lichterman

Transatel, the alternative telecom operator who wanted to reduce roaming costs, is no longer just an MVNO affiliated with Orange for several years now. Jostled by the arrival of Free in 2012 which reshuffled the competition in the market for telephone packages, the company created in 2000 had to rethink its model. While the market share of MVNOs in France (Prixtel, Nerim, Coriolis, Virgin Mobile sold to SFR) is now 9% and they are also fighting to have access to very high speed (FTTH) under the same conditions than Orange, Transatel seeks to diversify its offerings towards the less regulated IoT.

From the IT platform that manages its mobile customers, or those on behalf of other operators, the French today want to develop offers for on-board connectivity or even Machine-to-machine. In 2016, Microsoft and Dell thus chose the French company for its 901 SIM card and thus offer cellular connectivity for its PCs and tablets under Windows 10.

“France only represents 25% of our turnover”, explains Jacques Bonifay, co-founder and alumnus of Alcatel. While it achieved more than 30 million in turnover in 2016, the company is placed at the 97th position of the FrenchWeb 500, the ranking of the 500 Tech companies.

Founders : Jacques Bonifay, Bertrand Salomon, Romain Durand

Creation date : 2000

Seat : Puteaux

Workforce : 180 people (120 engineers)