[FrenchWeb Tour Nantes] Clever Cloud: “We already have 400 racked physical machines in production”

by bold-lichterman

Founded two years ago by Quentin Adam, the French start-up Clever Cloud officially launched its PaaS (platform as a service) type cloud computing service last October.

Clever Cloud claims to automatically adapt to deliver the performance needed by hosted applications and websites. The second specificity of the service lies in its ability to support several web languages ​​universally (PHP, Java, Ruby and Scala).

In short, Clever Cloud is committed to delivering on cloud computing’s promise of making IT hosting something people don’t care about. A concept in particular supported by the fund Kima Ventures, which took a stake in the start-up in early 2012.

The next challenges for the young growth: pursue a “follow the sun” approach and strengthen its commercial impact. Details with Quentin Adam.