[FrenchWeb Tour Bordeaux] In the innovation village: a cabinet of curiosities 2.0

by bold-lichterman

Connected fitting rooms, unidentified musical objects, “Morsetweets”, smart wine bottles… For one afternoon, the Bordeaux Town Hall has turned into a veritable cabinet of curiosity 2.0. Guided tour in pictures.


First discovery with Bruno Verbrugghe. A musician, he joined forces with a mathematician friend to design a new kind of musical instrument. Unlike traditional musical instruments, built according to mechanical issues, the object called Dualo has been developed to provide the most logical and intuitive practice possible.
Objective: to democratize the practice of music among the general public. With this in mind, the two co-founders intend to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the KissKissBankBank platform in the coming days. They hope to collect € 10,000 from Internet users to be able to finance an aluminum mold which will allow the manufacture of the instrument to be industrialized.


Tweeting in Morse code is possible! Connected to a computer, the device set up by the local association Les Morphogénistes allows you to write tweets using the language of Morse code.


Oriented towards digital arts, the association also offers a series of educational devices based on Open data but also the Internet of Things like the apples and potatoes connected above. Objective: playfully familiarize children with the basics of electricity.


Very committed to a policy of open data, the city of Bordeaux launched an open data platform 6 months ago. It includes, for example, the hit parade of first names attributed in the region or the progress made by the city in terms of energy saving. The objective is to allow third-party developers to cross-reference this data to offer applications and services with real added value.


Here is a presentation of a collaborative work solution dedicated to school teachers, students and parents of students.


Based in Saint Malo, the start-up the FabShop, specialized in 3D printing, was invited by the Bordeaux city hall to present its activity. Founded by Bertier Luyt, the FabShop is a distributor of personal 3D printers from the American specialist MakerBot. The start-up is currently working with the Palace of Versailles and the BNP. FabShop also plans to open an online store very soon.
To democratize 3D printing practices, the FabShop recently opened a Fabclub in Montreuil. A true extension of the company, this space aims to create a real community around this practice. A coworking place, it should allow member professionals to work on their digital manufacturing projects.
Several Fabclubs should see the light of day in the coming months.


Developed by the Swiss company Space 3D, this connected dressing room allows its users to virtually try a series of products. Once the fitting exercise is over, fashionistas can take a picture of themselves in a few hand movements and circulate the pictures on social networks to arouse the opinion of their contacts.
The marketing of these cabins should begin this summer.


Lifi technology, pictured above, allows digital content to be delivered through light. This device works with audio streaming but also with video. Placed under a light, a connected object can thus directly receive signals that allow content to be launched.


Bordeaux region obliges, our visit ends at a stand dedicated to wine. The start-up Kasual Business, which publishes the Smart Bordeaux application, is based on an augmented reality system that allows mobile users to access a wealth of information as soon as they bring their smartphone closer to a bottle… In short, a real one “Shazam of wine”.