[FrenchWeb Tour Bordeaux] Aesia, in the footsteps of the Aquitaine gaming tradition

by bold-lichterman

Kalisto, In-fusio… Bordeaux and its region are often associated with the homeland of gaming in France. A movement initiated in particular by Nicolas Gaume, founder of the video game publisher Kalisto who had made the glory of gaming “made in Bordeaux” at the beginning of 90.

Created in 2008, the game studio Aesia therefore surfs on this local culture and specializes in social gaming and gamification.

Co-founded by Frédéric Rorai, the studio works as a service provider for a series of gaming platforms in France, including Mediastay and ConcoursMania, for example.

At the same time, the start-up, which has half a dozen employees, has developed a B2B offer dedicated to brands. In this branch of activity, the studio claims around thirty clients and has notably developed various operations on behalf of RTL, Figaro.fr and even the Auféminin group.

Initially launched as a cooperative, the start-up is looking for a new legal model compatible with a future capital increase.

Meeting at Node with its co-founder, Frédéric Rorai, also president of the Bordeaux Games association.