[FrenchWeb morning] News from Archos, a deal in sight for Verizon and Vodafone …

by bold-lichterman

  • Archos wants to innovate in tablets and devices without subscription

The French firm yesterday unveiled the products it intends to present at the IFA in Berlin. Archos, which had already positioned itself in the tablet market, will release a Gen 11, a tablet whose ” the price will remain 35% to 40% lower than that of the iPad ”, specifies Loïc Poirier, the new CEO of Archos since last spring. The firm will also launch a children’s tablet, the 101 Child Pad, and a gaming tablet, the Gamepad.

Archos also intends to intensify its positioning on the smartphone market, which should represent “20% of Archos’ turnover”. The company relies on phones without subscription, a market of 1 billion euros in France.

  • A historic deal for Verizon

The English Vodafone would be in intense discussion with the American Verizon Wireless for a sale of 45% of its shares, an operation which could weigh 100 billion dollars, a transaction rarely carried out in this sector.

  • More cities for Lyft

The start-up is expanding its “ride sharing” service in three new cities in the United States: Lyft will be available in Indianapolis, Saint-Paul and Atlanta. The San Francisco-born start-up, which operates in 10 cities in total, had raised $ 60 million last May. Uber, the VTC service, recently raised $ 260 million.

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  • 1 billion downloads for Xiaomi

Xiaomi today announced that its App Store has reached one billion total downloads. Its app store was launched about 13 months ago, one of the top five app stores in China (200 in total). The operator, who has just hired Hugo Barra at Google, receives more than 1.3 million requests every day for 17 million active users. Xiaomi has also launched on the low-cost smartphone market and sees its valuation reach 20 billion dollars.