[FrenchWeb morning] Netflix available in the Netherlands, M6 launches multi-screen audience measurement, Google wants a YouTube of MOOC’s

by bold-lichterman

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  • Video streaming: Netflix launches in the Netherlands

The American Netflix continues to grow in Europe and opens a site – netflix.nl – of films and videos in streaming, a subscription service for 7.99 euros / month.

Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix: “We are proud to be the future of television in the Netherlands. The Dutch have incredible bandwidth, but until today they have not been able to take full advantage of their fast connections ”.

Netflix now has 38 million subscribers across 40 countries. In Europe, it is already present in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Producer of his own series (the latest: “House Of Cards”), the former DVD rental company turned pure player enters the big leagues like HBO or Canal +. In France, Netflix is ​​blocked by a regulation which requires broadcasters to market a subscription video offer with 36-month-old films.

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  • Advertising: M6 launches a multi-screen audience measurement offer

M6 television channel launches Multireach TV, an offer that measures the overall audiences of a transversal advertising campaign: on television, and on its Replay services (catch-up TV), from sources such as a PC, a tablet, a box operator or a connected TV (IPTV).

  • 2 new iPhones from Apple and official iOS 7

Apple is therefore launching two new smartphones. Steve Jobs’ firm will market the iPhone 5C, available on subscription at $ 99. In France, however, it will cost… nearly 600 euros. Another model, high-end this time, the iPhone 5S, a model which takes over some characteristics of its predecessor with a new OS and more features ( read our summary). Apple’s new phones will go on sale in France on September 20.

  • E-learning: Google wants to do a “YouTube MOOC’s” with Harvard and MIT

The web giant has announced its intention to develop software for the project edX, a free e-learning project created by the two universities, which provides access to a component of free courses. Google, through its own open source online education tool called Course Builder, will integrate it into edX and offer a Massive open online courses (MOOC). Open edX will first be hosted on mooc.org, a server managed by edX.

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  • Amazon has launched a “flower shop” section of fresh flowers

The e-commerce giant is launching into online flower sales, through a collection called ” Flower Curated Amazon », Available in around 40 states of the Union since the beginning of August. No one knows for the moment how Amazon gets its supplies, via a network of partners or directly. In addition, for the moment, it does not specify an exact delivery date, but indicates “a day or two” of preparation and delivery of the freshly cut flowers, $ 28.92 for 12 roses for example.

  • 820 million Chinese mobile users

At the end of July, the number of mobile internet users in China reached 820 million, the number of 3G users reached 334 million, or 28.2% of total mobile phone users, for a penetration rate of 69.2%.
The number of fixed broadband internet subscribers is 183 million. 31.6 million are fiber optic subscribers.