[FrenchWeb morning] Archos and Quechua launch a smartphone, no internet cut for the condemned Hadopi, Path goes premium

by bold-lichterman

    • Quechua Phone 5 being tested by the public today

Screenshot 2013-09-06 at 07.13.10The brand of the Oxylane group, which wants to enter the smartphone market with the French Archos, is starting a test phase with the general public.

According to Usine Nouvelle, the Quechua Phone 5 will be available today at noon for 229.90 euros, through a beta-test conducted directly with the Quechua / Archos teams. Addressed to a sports audience, it would be designed to be resistant. Running on Android, it would have an autonomy of 2 days with GPS. The Oxylane group, which also owns the Decathlon brand, has also brought its brand of sports electronic products Geonaute into the production of smartphones.

  • The “condemned Hadopi” will not be deprived of the internet

The “pirate” who was sentenced in June 2013, under the Hadopi law, to an internet cut, sees his sentence finally lifted: According to PC INpact, the man indeed benefits from a decree which repeals these famous cuts network, with reference to a penal rule of retroactivity and to an obvious difficulty of implementation. The Parliament could vote the suppression of Hadopi, and entrust its prerogatives to the CSA.

  • Path upgrades to premium version

Path, the network closed to 150 users, goes to paid and tries to monetize its service. For € 11.99 / year or € 3.99 / quarter, subscribers will be able to access a stock of stickers, these little thumbnails that are having some success in the comments. Additional filters may also be used.

Screenshot 2013-09-06 at 08.12.48

The premium version of Path, which has more than 20 million users, will also offer advanced sharing of specific contacts, thus strengthening the private circle of relationships, where Path stands out from Facebook.

  • Jeff Bezos to Washington Post reporters: “Don’t be boring”

The CEO of Amazon, who bought the daily this summer for $ 250 million, spoke to staff at the newspaper yesterday. Jeff Bezos presented a few lines on the plan for the future, emphasizing the importance of digital media, especially tablets. Excluding a reduction in the newspaper’s staff, Jeff Bezos mainly spoke of the editorial aspects and reassured the teams of the Post, which we can hear here some audio samples.

  • Alibaba in negotiations with Sina?

Screenshot 2013-09-06 at 07.59.52

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is said to be in talks with Sina group, publisher of Chinese Twitter to 50 million users, and a video platform of particular interest to the e-commerce giant, which needs to enrich its content marketing in video content, in particular on its smart TV. According to First Economic Daily, negotiations would be at an advanced level between the two giants.