FrenchTech: Giroptic and Squadrone System, two French start-ups, panic counters on Kickstarter

by bold-lichterman

The Grenoble start-up Squadrone System panics counters on Kickstarter. His project: a drone equipped with a camera which, connected to the smartphone, follows the user to film his performances. A product that will appeal to athletes, but whose uses are potentially much wider. While the project, dubbed Hexo +, set itself a goal of $ 50,000 on the American crowdfunding platform, it is fast approaching $ 900,000 (more than 896,000 euros to date, editor’s note).

And while the initial concept was to install a GoPro on the device, a partnership has just been established with Giroptic, a company that designs the 360cam, a camera which, as its name suggests, films in 360 degrees. Two points in common: Giroptic is also a French start-up (it is based in the EuraTechnologies, editor’s note), and it too has largely exceeded all of its funding targets by raising over $ 1 million, against 150,000 dollars expected, tying the record of Lima, another French start-up which received $ 1.2 million.