FrenchFounders calls on Géraldine Le Meur to manage its first investment fund

by bold-lichterman

FrenchFounders adds a new stage to its rocket to support the founders and leaders of French-speaking companies around the world. To support start-ups in their international expansion, the business club has just set up an investment fund which aims to co-invest in early-stage (seed, pre-series A and series A), little imports the sector, while relying on the strength of the FrenchFounders network to provide operational assistance to entrepreneurs, so as to support them in their growth and geographic expansion. With this approach, the idea is thus to allow the start-ups supported to successfully take the necessary steps to become a scale-up.

Called “LeFonds by FrenchFounders”, the structure is based on a “Rolling Fund” model that was created under the leadership of AngelList. Concretely, this mechanism involves the automatic creation of a series of successive investment vehicles every three months, ie four funds per year. “This allows VCs to raise over time rather than traditionally a fund with an initially pre-determined amount associated with a closing date», Explains FrenchFounders. To finance start-ups created by French-speaking entrepreneurs, the fund has set itself the goal of reaching $ 10 million in the first year, then doubling the stake in 2022.

A “Rolling Fund” to gain flexibility

This investment fund will be managed by Géraldine Le Meur, co-founder of the technological conference Le Web and The Refiners, an acceleration program intended to help foreign start-ups to settle in the United States. On this occasion, she joined the board of FrenchFounders. “If we look at the United States, which along with China are the only ones that have historically demonstrated their ability to build global leaders, we see that community strength and mutual aid is assumed and works to create value. We are creating the first fund to bring a “Network Effect” in the investment value chain for French-speaking entrepreneurs with a global ambition for their start-up», Estimates Geraldine Le Meur. An arrival greeted by Vincent Deruelle, co-founder of FrenchFounders: “We are counting on his experience to make FrenchFounders a real platform of success for all the businesses in our community.

Listen to our exchange with Géraldine Le Meur:

The creation of this investment fund completes the arsenal deployed for six years by FrenchFounders to federate a French-speaking business community on an international scale. A first brick towards investment was laid years ago with the creation of the Investors Club to bring together business angels from all over the world. The second is therefore posed today with this “Rolling Fund”. Created in 2014 in New York by Vincent Deruelle and Benoît Buridant, FrenchFounders brings together more than 4,000 French-speaking decision-makers, including CEOs, top-executives, entrepreneurs and investors around the world (40% in North America and America). Latin, 40% in Europe and 20% in Asia). These are put in touch through a dedicated platform and private events (500 per year).