[French Touch] SongPop, the new success story of Mathieu Nouzareth

by bold-lichterman

It’s a real global phenomenon: launched last May from New York by the French Mathieu Nouzareth, SongPop Today counts more than 3 million players per day, or more than 11 million unique players per month… in just 3 months! And Mark Zuckerberg himself to declare: ” This is the funniest Facebook game I have played in a while “. A success already compared to that of Draw Something upon its release, and perhaps an additional trophy for the Nouzareth brothers, these two French subscribers to success stories in social gaming, with IsCool and Spa Life.

French Touch SongPop the new success story of Mathieu NouzarethSongPop takes up the concept of battle musical between connected players: 80s, rock’nroll, pop music, and soon classical music.

Based on a freemium model, SongPop sends players at the end of the game to iTunes, who then have the option of downloading the title. Negotiations with Spotify and Deezer are ongoing. Mathieu Nouzareth, the founder of FreshPlanet – the company that publishes SongPop – has convinced several investors like Xavier Niel and Jacques-Antoine Granjon. A total of $ 4 million has been invested in the start-up, which is headquartered in New York.

Audio interview with Mathieu Nouzareth, co-founder of FreshPlanet

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Key dates:

– 1995: Creation by the Nouzareth brothers of the web agency “WebConcept”, sold to IconMediaLab.

– 2001: Launch of the Boonty gaming platform, sold to Nexway in 2008

– 2006: Launch of Cafe.com, which will become IsCool, a games publisher on Facebook

– May 2012: Launch of SongPop