French Tech in New York decrypted by Ilan Abehassera, co-founder of Willo

by bold-lichterman

Present for more than a decade in New York, Ilan Abehassera is a privileged observer of American Tech on the East Coast. Having moved to the other side of the Atlantic after his studies in Marseille and his stint at Euromed Marseille (now Kedge Business School), the French entrepreneur has proven himself in New York by launching in 2008, while the economic crisis is devastating the United States. Unis, the start-up Producteev, which allows you to manage projects and teams on several platforms. The success was there and the company was finally bought in 2012 by Jive Software.

In the United States, Ilan Abehassera also stood out with his Apple-I column for FrenchWeb and appearances on BFM Business. Now the entrepreneur is involved in Willo, a start-up that he co-founded last year to improve the efficiency of tooth brushing. From New York, he is witnessing the massive arrival of French start-ups in the United States. While Silicon Valley has long focused all the attention, French and European entrepreneurs are turning more and more to the East Coast and New York, which is becoming the new pole of attraction for American Tech. At the microphone of FrenchWeb, he looks back on current trends in New York Tech and the innovative projects of French entrepreneurs who are trying to find a place for themselves in the “Big Apple” jungle.