French people and geolocation

by bold-lichterman

The BNP Paribas Workshop today unveiled the results of a survey carried out by IFOP on the subject: ” French people and geolocation“.

995 French people were interviewed. Here is a summary of what to remember:

  • General public geolocation systems have already started to extend the use of the Internet to all everyday situations.
  • This is a major trend that began about 10 years ago and in 2010 already reached almost two thirds of the French population: 65% of French people are equipped with a GPS device.
  • On Smartphones, geolocation applications that have arrived in the general public for two to three years are already used by nearly 20% of the French population.
  • Facebook Places / Places, cited by 21% of French people, is far ahead of the best-known geolocation applications.
  • The concern of the French with regard to geolocation is strong: 72% of people questioned believe that the dissemination of real-time location on the Internet carries a risk.
  • Within 5 to 10 years, digital search systems will be part of the daily life of the general public to access consumer goods and everyday services: already a third of the owners of geolocation systems use them to find points of sale.

Download the full study Ifop L’Atelier BNP Paribas