French company 1PlusV files new complaint in Brussels against Google

by bold-lichterman

1PlusV is a Young Innovative Company specialized in specialized search engines (Vertical search) and associated applications using the APIs of the main search engines.

One of its sites,, last year lodged one of the first complaints against Google with the European Commission, which finally decided in November to open a formal investigation.

1PlusV announced yesterday in Brussels the filing of a “complementary complaint”, to denounce “new abuses” by Google. The company evokes damages to the tune of “several million” euros. In question, “an eviction strategy towards vertical search engines” and as Bruno Guillard, President of 1PlusV reminds us: “if you are not on the first page of Google search results, you do not exist not “.

He accuses Google in particular of having carried out massive de-listing of its services in its search engine (a reprisal measure after the first complaint lodged in Brussels?) And of imposing the use of its own search technology on engines that wish to use another of its advertising services.