French Adictiz attacks the US market with the opening of an office in San Francisco

by bold-lichterman

Adictiz, the Lille start-up that publishes social games, including Paf Le Chien, he is stupid this Pigeon, will launch its box on the American market. With this in mind, the Lille start-up is opening a branch in San Francisco. The American team will be based at the RocketSpace incubator, partner of EuraTechnologies (Lille). “Opening an office in the United States is a new direction for Adictiz Box, our platform being by nature scalable internationally ”affirms Guillaume Dietrich, director of Adictiz Box.

The Adictiz Box is a turnkey solution for games and applications allowing brands to animate their communities on the web. It costs between 100 and 500 euros. A thousand companies – agencies, sites and brands – use this box. It integrates a suite of analytical tools and an API that automatically transfer the collected data to customer brand CRM solutions. “Ubiquity is at the heart of the concerns of our client brands and more and more operations aim to unite a community from physical points of sale. The mobile is essential ”specifies Guillaume Dietrich.

The start-up founded in 2009 already had offices in Lille and Paris. Its economic model is based on advertising and the sale of virtual objects bought by players on the one hand, and on the marketing of its box in B to B on the other hand.

Meeting with the founder of Adictiz in May 2012:

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