Freedom, equality, bullshit: what’s new in the startup nation? With Guillaume Meurice

by bold-lichterman

If you follow what is being said about the tech world, you have undoubtedly seen columns from Guillaume Meurice. He takes pleasure in ridiculing, with talent, the newspeak and the hazy concepts of this famous “startup nation” set up as an ideal of success and achievement through innovation.

Or some form of innovation, anyway. It was obviously very tempting to meet him to gather his Insight on this disruptive startup nation, and talk a little about tech and the people behind it.

Even if one of the favorite maxims of all the advocates of “digital transformation” remains to “put people back at the center”, we don’t always know at the center of what. Or how. Or why. It could even be that all of this is custard… “Maybe!”.


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The contributor:

1605270891 583 Space conquest towards infinity and beyondPassionate about technology and innovation on the web interfaces side, Thomas gouritin has been immersed in chatbots for several years with the design of projects for national and international actors.
For 18 months, he has been documenting chatbot tests in all sectors on and he drew from it a white paper supplemented by testimonials from key accounts (from Direct Energie to Disney France). His watchword: stop bullshit, let’s think above all about the experience offered to users!