Free would contest Bouygues Telecom’s communication over fixed Internet

by bold-lichterman

While Bouygues Telecom sued Free last week by accusing it of “deceptive commercial practices” in its mobile offers (Bouygues Telecom would accuse Free of reducing the speed before having reached a consumption of 3 GB for data passing through the Orange infrastructure, which Free rents while roaming) , the company of Xavier Niel would have answered.

According to Le Figaro, Free would counter-attack Bouygues Telecom in the fixed Internet. The Iliad subsidiary would hardly have appreciated the recent communication from Bouygues in which the operator praised the qualities of its fixed Internet networks, based on an Arcep report of 26 November. In a press release, Bouygues thus affirmed to be “first or first equal out of fifteen of the sixteen ADSL criteria measured”.

But Free contests the methodology used by Arcep to perform these quality measurements. He would therefore put his competitor on notice to “cease all communication without delay” about his fixed network, considering that this would pose “serious commercial and image problems”. reports Le Figaro.