Free pushes the boundaries of its mobile plan

by bold-lichterman

Starting tomorrow, the operator is offering its mobile service in Portugal at no extra cost.

Mobile subscribers to the Free Package with at least 60 days of seniority will be able, from tomorrow, to use their package in Portugal 35 days a year at no additional cost: unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Portugal to Portugal and France, and mobile Internet up to 3 GB (reduced speed beyond). Free also announces that the same goes for communications
incoming calls (calls, SMS and MMS) which are included in the package.

The communicated emanating from Iliad, the parent company headed by Xavier Niel, specifies that the service is launched “on the occasion of the celebration of the carnation revolution – and liberates the use of mobile in Portugal by allowing its subscribers to continue to use their Free Plan while traveling in this country” .

Free is the first operator to include these communications in a general public package.

In addition, Free is launching on the Freebox a 100% Portuguese package of 8 channels (sport, entertainment, youth information). Portuguese.