Free Numericable-SFR attack on the use of the word “fiber”

by bold-lichterman

The battle continues among French telecom operators. Free would have decided to file a complaint this summer against Numericable-SFR for unfair competition, according to The Express this Tuesday. At issue: an advertisement by Patrick Drahi’s operator that Free considers misleading for having used “fiber”.

The Iliad subsidiary considers that Numericable-SFR, to connect its customers to its broadband offer, provides fiber at the building level (FTTB). To then transport it to individual housing, the operator uses the networks already existing in the building, explains the magazine. However, Free would bring optical fiber to housing (FTTH), which requires new installations and would cost more.

This is not the first time that operators have attacked the use of the word “fiber”. A ministerial decree should also regulate its use. According to The echoes, who was able to consult the document, it provides that any advertising message or commercial material from a service provider […] must, if it associates the term “fiber” with the supplier’s services while the end customer’s connection is not made by optical fiber, include a statement specifying the physical medium of the final connection beginning with the words: “final connection in” “.