Free Mobile rejected its complaint against Bruno Deffains

by bold-lichterman

Free Mobile has just been dismissed by the Paris TGI of his complaint against Bruno Deffains, professor of economics at Panthéon-Assas University and author of a study on the arrival of the fourth mobile telephone operator on the French market.

free mobile

In a column published by Les Echos last June, he estimated that Free Mobile could potentially be at the origin of “the net destruction of 55,000 jobs in the next two years”, thus finding himself under the blow of a lawsuit for denigration brought by the subsidiary of the group Iliad. Xavier Niel, founder of Free Mobile, suspected him in particular of having been hired by a competitor to carry out this study.

Bruno Deffains then saw a bailiff and an expert arrive at his home in Nancy, accompanied by two police officers who had sifted through his computer.

On the petition24 website, nearly 1,200 signatories gave their support to the economist.