Free Mobile has already attracted nearly 2 million customers

by bold-lichterman

According to the estimates of Cabinet Oddo Securites, taken over by, Free Mobile already has 2M subscribers, a month after its launch.

To provide these figures, the firm would have crossed different data based on several techniques, including online surveys. In addition, Free is currently recruiting 35,000 new customers per day. Free Mobile has already attracted nearly 2 million customersA pace which should run out of steam to reach 3.3M subscribers by the end of 2012, or nearly 5% of the market share. This figure could reach 10.9M customers in 2015, for just over 14% of the market share.

A great breakthrough which should therefore, still according to Oddo’s forecasts, be to the detriment of the incumbent operators. Orange could thus lose 4.7 points by 2015 to 35.7%. Over the same period, SFR would decline to 27.4% of the shares and Bouygues would even be overtaken by Free Mobile.

Along with the success of Free Mobile, Free was convicted yesterday of deceptive marketing practices. Indeed, the Paris Criminal Court condemned the subsidiary of theIliad to a 100,000 € fine and 40,000 € in damages, following an investigation initiated in 2007. At the time, Free marketed an offer called “unlimited broadband Internet”, while a system limitation had been put in place.