[Free Mobile] Details of an impending offer

by bold-lichterman

The official launch of Free Mobile is imminent… Indeed, all the criteria necessary for Xavier Niel’s offensive seem to be met. He even announced during LeWeb’11 that Free mobile would be available by January 15 at the latest. Back to the details of a more than expected offer.

Free Mobile Details of an impending offerRegarding the date. Challenges expects a release from December 17. Indeed, according to the magazine, Free intends to send SIM cards to all Internet users between December 17 and 19. A strategy that could prove to be effective when we know that the operator relies on a base of 4.5M ADSL customers.

The rates. According to Reuters, the packages offered could range from € 5.90 to € 27. A very attractive offer which would be made possible in particular thanks to a preferential rate granted in advance to Free. Indeed, in a notice published on December 9, Arcep said it was in favor of the establishment, for the operator, of a provisional preferential tariff for the wholesale prices of call terminations, with the aim of promoting the balance competitive.

Terminal offer. The fourth mobile operator would have found a solution to include the terminals in its packages. Indeed, according to PC Inpact, Free would have joined forces with Sofinco in order to offer a range of smartphones accompanied by financing at zero interest. Repayments could be spread over 12, 24 or 30 months at no cost. This agreement should be effective from December 15. A timing which would therefore agree perfectly with the date announced by Challenges. Especially since, according to Les Echos, all the devices have already been ordered by Free, among them: the iPhone, the BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones.

The distribution. The device should be provided via the Free website and the 350 Phone House stores. Regarding customer service, two call centers have been set up.

Any starting signal therefore seems to be hung up when the Arcep kicks off. According to Les Echos, the tests currently being carried out by the regulatory authority should soon come to an end. Free mobile must absolutely cover at least 27% of the territory to then be able to rely on the Orange network to complete its own.