Free Mobile: 5.2M subscribers in one year

by bold-lichterman

After Bouygues Telecom yesterday, which revealed for the first time a loss of 14M €, it’s Free’s turn to announce its results for 2012.

<a href=> Xavier Niel </a>, founder of French broadband Internet provider <a href=> <a href = https: //> Iliad </a> </a>, speaks during a news conference to launch <a href=> <a href =>Iliad </a> </a> long-awaited mobile service in Paris »src =» 1101-free-xavier-niel-550 × 366.jpg “width =” 550 ″ height = “366 ″ /> </a> </center></p>
<p> Free Mobile alone generates 844M of €, boosting the results of the group of <a href=> Xavier Niel </a> which is experiencing growth in its turnover of 48.6% for a total of 3, 15 billion euros.  Free counted 5.364 million subscribers at the end of 2012 to <span id = more-102646> </span> fixed-line telephony and broadband internet offers, compared to 4.8 million a year earlier. </p>
<p> The non-binding mobile offers launched in January 2012 have had the effect of a bomb on the mobile telephony market, attracting nearly 5.2M subscribers, or 8% of PdM and forcing other operators to renew their offers and lower their prices.  Or even sue Free, like Bouygues Telecom which recently <a href= condemns its rival for denigration and unfair competition .

As a reminder, the CAs of incumbent operators such as Bouygues Telecom and SFR have thus decreased by 9 and 11% respectively to stand at 5.226 and 7.516 billion euros, their mobile customer base amounting to 11.3 and 16.5 million subscribers.