Free condemned to pay 25 million euros to Bouygues Telecom for denigration and unfair competition

by bold-lichterman

The Paris Commercial Court has just rendered its decision on the dispute between Bouygues Telecom and Free following the launch of Free Mobile.

Bouygues Telecom criticized Free “for a communication strategy of unprecedented aggressiveness towards competing operators, with the sole aim of discrediting their offers presented as” too expensive “and provoking hostility from their customers”. Bouygues Telecom estimated its loss at € 98,800,000.

It is 25 million euros that the Commercial Court finally granted him, as well as a ban for Free to say that the consumers were pigeons under penalty of 100,000 euros per violation noted. Free immediately appealed against this decision.

For its part, Bouygues Telecom is not left out, with a condemnation to pay 5 million euros to Free, justifying that it was’ a few isolated comments made in response to the aggressive and massive communication of Free “.