Free CMS: The little guys from Commerce Guys raise 5.3 million euros

by bold-lichterman

Trade Guys, the publisher of the open source software Drupal Commerce, announces a fundraising of 5.3 million euros. The team brings in a new fund, Hi Inov, alongside the existing ones: Isaï, Alven Capital and Open Ocean Capital. In 2012, she had raised $ 5 million.

Endowed with fresh funds, the company, launched in 2010, wants to anticipate the very recent launch of its cloud solution,, in Europe and the USA.

Drupal Commerce, the historic version of the e-commerce site creation and management tool, has made a place for itself in the open source software court, it now has 38,000 active sites, including Cartier, Eurostar , Royal Mail, Lush, NBC Universal, Guerlain or Stanford University. A court also dominated by WordPress in the first place, but also Magento, Demandware or Joomla.

Drupal Commerce, which has a community of one million members including 30,000 developers contributing to open source code, has also brought in its wake a small ecosystem of services, like Acquia, a provider of solutions and 100% Drupal services, which just raised $ 50 million.

The PaaS solution, (Platform As A Service nldr) will allow merchants to upgrade their site “at will, at the frequency of their choice and economically, without worrying about issues related to system administration” .
More details on Commerce Guys ambitions with Frédéric Plais, CEO and co-founder:

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