François Vermorel (LISAA): “UX Designer is defined by a philosophy”

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of Digital Employment Week, FrenchWeb is doing the rounds of training courses to work in the digital sector.

The Higher Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA) from Paris offers UX Designer training. It is accessible to students who have validated a bac + 3 in applied arts, technology or computer science, or a more general university course. Students can choose between two options, project manager or game. The second year is done alternately.

More details with François Vermorel, Head of UX Design Project Manager training at LISAA Paris.

FrenchWeb: What are the new jobs in this field?

Francois-Vermorel-150x150François Vermorel, Head of Training UX Design Project Manager at LISAA Paris: UX Design is in itself a relatively new profession, at least in its current terminology. Like all recent disciplines, its boundaries are blurred: it is found in the design of digital interfaces, especially for all that is service applications. It is developing enormously in the internal communication of companies and in internal software. The video game industry, which has always been at the forefront of test design, is increasingly working on the user experience when it comes to the design of its interfaces.

What skills do I need to have access to these jobs?

As much as by specific business skills, the UX Designer is defined by a corpus of working methods, by a philosophy, one might say. You have to be trained in agile methods, know how test design works, be able to understand a panel of users, design and prototype a graphical interface … but above all you have to be creative, open to new uses and emerging supports and capable of constantly questioning prejudices and existing solutions.

How can students tell if the training is right for them?

UX Design is training at the crossroads of trades. Currently, in an agency, these positions are occupied by people who come from development, marketing, graphic design, who have a background in sociology… Students should not ask themselves whether they have the necessary background. you need to become a UX Designer. They must answer this simple question: do they want to work in digital creation and imagine innovative experience solutions?

Which companies are recruiting in this sector?

The UX Designer works in a digital agency, freelance, in the IT engineering sector, in service design or in video games. The start-up community is extremely demanding of this type of profile: very often, the success or failure of an innovative service depends on the way it is offered to its user.

What are the salaries to which students can claim upon leaving their training?

A junior will start around 30,000 euros. This salary can then quickly increase depending on the profiles. Some of our freelance students sometimes earn a lot more, at the cost of more flexibility.

Location: Paris

Duration of training: 2 years, including a work-study year

Admission: on file and oral interview after obtaining a bac + 3

Prices: 8,990 euros the first year, 4,990 euros the second

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