[France] The last 3 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

France has 20.4 million mobile users…. 23.3 million people connected to broadband…. And is placed 14th of Web Index 2012…. Focus on three new studies.

France has 20.4 million mobile users

France The last 3 studies to discover

20.4. This is the number in millions of French people who connected to the mobile internet last July. A figure in clear progression according to Mediametry. Indeed, they were only 18.7M to connect to a site or a mobile application a year ago. Mobile users now represent half of the number of Internet users.

Summer period requires, 44% of mobile users connected at least once to a site or an application in the travel category during the period studied. Mediematics further notes that it is men who are connected the most to these types of sites and applications (60.9%).

In July, mobile users were connected on average for 3.55 hours to the mobile Internet, compared to 3.46 hours in June 2012. Application consumption was also maintained during the holidays with 102 sessions per visitor, against 96 in June.

The breakdown between sites and applications is stable: nearly 9 out of 10 mobile users have visited at least one mobile site and almost 7 out of 10 have visited at least one smartphone application.

In terms of ranking, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orange and Apple monopolize the top 5 of the most visited mobile sites over the period. In terms of applications, we also find essentially the same players with Google, YouTube, iTunes, Orange and Game Center in first positions.

However, some French applications and sites manage to make their place in the top 20. This is the case in particular for telecom operators but also for Dailymotion, LeBonCoin.fr, or even L’internaute and auFeminin.com for mobile sites. . For applications, we find: AlloCiné, Météo France, L’Equipe or even Le Monde, Viedemerde and Deezer.

23.3 million French people connected to broadband

France The last 3 studies to discoverAccording to the latest figures published by Arcep, in the second quarter of 2012, France had 23.3 million broadband subscribers, or 250,000 additional subscriptions in one quarter. More precisely, the number of broadband accesses reached 22.6 million (+210,000) and the number of very high-speed subscriptions (optical fiber) 760,000, up 45,000 over the quarter.

On the wholesale markets, investments by operators are continuing. As of June 30, 2012, 1,750,000 homes were eligible for FttH offers, an increase of 45% in one year.

On the mobile side, the number of customers (SIM cards) reached 70.4 million in France in June 2012. According to Arcep, quarterly net growth (900,000 customers) has therefore almost doubled compared to last year for the same quarter. The authority also specifies that the total fleet of MVNOs had 7.7M customers in June 2012.

France, fourteenth in the 2012 Web Index

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The World Wide Web Foundation recently published the results of its Web Index. The first edition of this ranking consists of classifying countries according to their web infrastructures and the impact of the Internet on their society.

Specifically, the Web Index aims to assess the political, economic and social impact of the Web, as well as indicators of Internet connectivity and infrastructure.

In total, 61 countries were analyzed for this purpose. Good student, Sweden climbs on the first step of the podium with a total of 100 points. Next come the United States (97.3), the United Kingdom (93.8), Canada (93.4) ​​and Finland (91.8). Further on, we find France in 14th place with a total of 78.9 points.

To illustrate this classification, the World Wide Web Foundation has put online an interactive world map.