Four years after WeChat, Facebook integrates direct payment via bots on Messenger

by bold-lichterman

  • Facebook Messenger crossed the billion user mark last July.
  • The new update to the social network’s instant messaging system allows purchases to be made directly on the application through chatbots.
  • WeChat, a Chinese messaging service, has already been offering a similar service on its app since 2012.

Facebook Messenger is now a full-fledged payment method. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network announced on September 12 an update of its instant messaging. This plans to authorize direct payment on the application via chatbots. The billion users of the platform will thus be able to make their purchases on Facebook Messenger without having to leave the messaging interface.

Now, all you have to do is click on a chatbot to buy a plane ticket, a t-shirt, a computer or a meal through a classic conversation. As the discussion progresses, the chatbot will generate automatic responses to guide the user’s purchase through to payment within the conversation window.

<a href=> Facebook </a> Messenger “class =” size-medium wp-image-255855 alignleft “height =” 300 ″ src = “http: // www. <a href=> Facebook </a> -Messenger-285 × 550.png »style =» »title = »» Width = »185 ″ /> Online payment is nothing new in itself on <a href=> Facebook </a> Messenger.  Since March 2015, the application has offered <a href=> peer to peer money transfer </a> to its users.  However, the arrival of bots last April, on the occasion of <a href = http: // 238094> the F8 conference of <a href=> Facebook </a> </a>, gradually transformed the instant messaging of the social network into a real customer relationship channel.  Faced with this opportunity to reach consumers more easily, brands were quick to land on <a href=> Facebook </a> Messenger. </p>
<p> During the <a rel= TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 , David Marcus, vice president of the department Messenger within Facebook and former president of PayPal, claimed that there were now 34,000 chatbots on the application, compared to 11 000 in July.

The novelty offered by Facebook Messenger is not a first. In China, the WeChat application, on which more than 800 million users are present, has already been offering a direct payment service on its application since 2012 to make purchases and transfer money between users. Four years ago, the Chinese messaging service had a community of 200 million users, which is 800 million less than Facebook Messenger today ‘hui who is about to imitate him.

500 million users gained since 2014

To promote the use of bots from its users, Facebook also includes in this new update tools to facilitate the sharing of bots between users. They can directly receive a bot sent by a friend on Messenger and use it immediately on the application.

With this device, Facebook pursues its commercial policy to attract more and more advertisers and companies to its various applications. Messenger is a boon for brands as instant messaging has crossed the bar the bar billion users last July. Faced with the popularity of the application, helped by Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to impose it on all members of Facebook in 2014, the Menlo Park firm has undertaken the transformation of Facebook Messenger to switch it from a simple instant messaging to a full service platform . Since 2014, the application has gained 500 million users.

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