Former Zynga employees ready to reveal everything

by bold-lichterman

Faced with numerous financial difficulties, Zynga announced earlier this week that it had cut 520 jobs, or 18% of its workforce. In total, the group will therefore grow from 2,700 employees to around 2,300.

A few hours after this announcement, some Zynga employees affected by this social plan did not hesitate to reveal some information on the operation of the company on the Reddit platform. A former employee immediately wrote: “What do you want to know about Zynga. I’ll try to be as honest and open as possible ”(What do you want to know about Zynga? I’ll try to be as transparent and open as possible.)

In an anonymous way, some employees initially returned to the advantageous conditions offered to them (thematic happy hours, self-service food, etc.).

The topics of conversation then quickly turned around the difficulties of Zynga to monetize, via real money, its games but also the patent lack of creativity and innovation within the company.

Many employees also point the finger, in these conservations, to the difficulties of the social gaming specialist in adapting to market changes and putting in place a clear development strategy.

Some even believe that the company will only be able to continue on this trend for two or three more years.

The thread of the discussions here.

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