Forest is developing a “customizable” administration interface

by bold-lichterman

Created within the start-up studio eFounders by Sandro Munda, Forest is a young French startup that wants to make life easier for developers by providing them with a ready-made administration interface that connects to any application. Indeed, Sandro Munda started from the observation that each company had to create its own portal for employees in order to be able to share all kinds of information such as statistics or information relating to payments.

But in every project, some tasks are similar. Forest therefore wishes to automate this step by allowing developers to create an administration platform more quickly.

After 6 months of beta test, the start-up is officially launched. More details with Sandro Munda, founder of Forest.

FrenchWeb: What needs does Forest meet?

sandro-mundaSandro Munda, founder of Forest: When I worked as a developer in start-ups and next in freelance, I spent 30% of my time building a portal for employees where they could find all the information relating to the company. Each box has its specificities but certain categories come up often. To make this fairly repetitive task easier for developers, I thought about creating Forest. It is a ready-to-use administration platform. Each company can personalize it.

What’s your value proposition?

We have developed a kind of plugin that analyzes company data. It then exposes them in a SaaS. The developer can then develop the platform from this information.

Who are the users of your tool?

Users are all companies that work on the Web (marketplace, mobile applications, etc.). 200 projects are already using it.


What is your development plan and your challenges?

For now, we are focusing on our free offer for small businesses. They initially have very few operational needs. The strategy is above all to target developers because it is they who are at the base of the projects. Then when companies evolve, we provide them with personalized formula packs with subscriptions. It will thus be possible to specify who does what, to have a little more analytics etc.

Who are your competitors?

Currently all platforms produce their administration interface internally. We don’t really have any competitors, apart from a few open source tools, but no one has made it a business model.

Founders: Sandro Munda with the eFounders team

Creation date : 2016

Workforce : 6

Fundraising : any

Seat : Paris