For Stephen Hawking, artificial intelligence is “the end of humanity”

by bold-lichterman

“The development of full artificial intelligence could mean the end of humanity.” The sentence is reminiscent of science fiction scenarios like that of Kubrick’s film “2001, A Space Odyssey”. The British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking nevertheless evokes the real world. In interview broadcast Tuesday December 2 by the BBC, he warned against the development of artificial intelligence. According to him, this technology risks in the long term exceeding the capacities of the human being.

“Humans, limited by slow biological evolution, could not compete”

Stephen hawking
Stephen hawking

The scientist thinks that artificial intelligence, at the service of the human-machine relationship, could develop very quickly, and faster than we think. “It will evolve on its own, redefine itself autonomously and more and more quickly (…) Humans, limited by a slow biological evolution, could not compete and could be overtaken” he declared in his interview . Other voices are concerned about the power of AI, such as the founder of Paypal and Tesla, Elon musk, which he called at the end of October at the AeroAstro Centennial Symposium of MIT the “greatest existential threat” to humans.

In addition, Stephen Hawking announced Tuesday that the communication system that allows him to speak through a computer will be made available to the scientific community free of charge next January. Stephen Hawking is the author of numerous scientific works focusing on cosmology and quantum gravity.

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