For Stack Overflow, Developers Are Changing the World

by bold-lichterman

Stack Overflow, the code language quiz platform, is the premier online community of developers. Edited by the company Stack Exchange, it records 40 million connections every month. But Stack Overflow is more than a horizontal self-help service. “We have barely started to transform the company with the new collaborative tools”, explains Joel Spolsky, CEO visiting Paris and visiting Frenchweb.

After a record fundraising of 40 million dollars in January 2015, how does the platform created in 2008 intend to change? While the best developers are courted by the giants of the Web to create new uses, Stack Overflow has chosen to consolidate its leadership position in a niche market. It must nevertheless keep LinkedIn, its main competitor, at bay on the recruitment part for companies. The platform also makes money on advertising, but marginally compared to what companies are willing to pay to find the pearl. On average, the highest paid developer is the enterprise level services developer who earns 73.8K annually, according to a Stack Overflow study.

Profiles of French developers

In France, the average annual income of developers is 41,700 euros, according to the study carried out among 56,000 developers in 173 countries. Like the users of the platform, these developers are also at 24.39% in the United States, against 2.93% in France. They are mainly full-stack web developers.

To make a difference, in 2016 it will release a new interface for “developers’ CVs so that they can highlight their experience as a ‘story'”. Stack Overflow will therefore be closer to “Facebook for developers”. He has also just recruited Adrianna Burrows, a former general marketing director at Microsoft, to boost the image of the platform and its products.

Developer by training, writer, Joel Spolsky, is also the former co-founder of the collaborative solution Trello (met here). Very discreet in the media in the United States as in Europe, he also shares an atypical vision; one where the developer brings developed companies into a new era.

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Creation date: 2008

Founders: Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood (Stack Exchange)

Seat: New York

Competitors: LinkedIn, TechMeAbroad, Ultimate Software, iCims, Jobvite