For or against 100% optical fiber? Jean-Michel Billaut VS Louis Naugès

by bold-lichterman

The objective set by Nicolas Sarkozy of 100% coverage of the territory at very high speed by 2025 leads to the creation of a very large-scale optical fiber plan, the cost of which is estimated at nearly 30 billion euros.

The report commissioned from Senator Hervé Maurey For or against 100 optical fiber Jean Michel Billaut VS Louison the financing of very high speed seems to be moving towards the creation of a new tax on internet and mobile telephone subscriptions to finance the deployment of fiber in France.

Is the “all optical fiber” option in 2025 relevant?
Is the cost of this deployment exorbitant?
Are there credible technical and economic alternatives? asked these questions to two figures of the web that everything opposes on this subject.

For 100% fiber, Jean-Michel Billaut, Founding President ofBNP Paribas workshop

Against 100% fiber, Louis Naugès, Founder and Chairman of Revevol International