Focus on Asia: We Are Social in Singapore and Viadeo in China

by bold-lichterman

We Are Social continues to expand internationally. The independent agency specializing in social media has just announced the opening of its first office in Asia, in Singapore.

Focus on Asia We Are Social in Singapore and Viadeo

This new Asian office will be in charge of various projects for Siemens and Song Saa Private Island. We Are Social Singapore is launching its activity with a team of three employees, led by Simon Kemp, Managing Director, who will be responsible for developing the customer portfolio in Asia.

The opening of this seventh international subsidiary in Singapore comes after the launch of the São Paulo and Munich offices earlier in the year, and those in Paris, Milan and Sydney last year. The agency was founded in London by Robin Grant and Nathan McDonald three years ago. We Are Social therefore currently employs more than 120 people in its seven offices.

Still in Asia, Viadeo took advantage of his presence at the show TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, which took place from October 29 to November 1 to present a new infographic of its Chinese platform Tianji. A work that highlights in particular the specificities of the professional social networks market in China. Among:

  • The Internet is younger and more mobile. The average age of users is 30 years old and connection via mobile phone is widespread.
  • Social, family and professional lives are not as separated as in Westerners. The use of the “business poke” is for example strongly recommended.
  • One in twenty Tianji members are part of the “local elite”
  • The most classic exchanges on Tianji are about food and respect for elders
  • Tianji is the country’s leading social network and has 8M members. Around 380,000 new registrations are made each month.
Focus on Asia We Are Social in Singapore and Viadeo1606153115 475 Focus on Asia We Are Social in Singapore and Viadeo