Flipboard lands on Android, Kindle Fire and Nook

by bold-lichterman

Launched in 2008, iOS Flipboard app is now available on Android, Kindle Fire and Nook.

A sort of customizable social magazine 2.0, the application allows content to be aggregated and features them like a press review. Flipboard thus retrieves RSS feeds from your favorite sites as well as Twitter feeds and Facebook publications.

Flipboard lands on Android Kindle Fire and Nook

In addition to the App Store, the application is therefore, since this morning, downloadable for free from Google Play, the Amazon App Store and the Barnes & Nobles Nook store.

In addition, Flipboard this morning provided details about the recent partnership established with Google +. Announced at LeWeb London Conference, this alliance allows Flipboard to aggregate statuses, videos as well as content from YouTube and Google+.

Concretely, all app users can now add their Google+ accounts to Flipboard and view the content of their feed, updates from friends in their circles as well as content from pages to which they are subscribed, the all in magazine format developed by Flipboard. Mobile users can also use the +1 button on all content or press the avatar to share, comment and reply on Google+.

Finally, thanks to Youtube content, Flipboard followers can view videos of people they follow and channels to which they subscribe as well as videos that they themselves have published or classified as “favorites”.

A strategic partnership, especially since Google had recently launched the Google currents tool, a possible competitor to Flipboard.

On March 2, FrenchWeb met Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard:

Founded in 2008, the start-up publisher of the application raised $ 60M in 2011. Last March, when launching French version, Flipboard claimed 8M users and 1M additional users per week.