Flint, a robot that feeds on AI and collective intelligence to find the right items

by bold-lichterman

After having created the company Trendsboard to give a road map to the media and thus help them to attract audiences, Benoît Raphaël defines himself today as a “robot breeder”. In the immense field of combinations of algorithms, he has been developing for a year “Flint», An artificial intelligence project for the media. “It is able to analyze thousands of data in a few seconds, and draw conclusions in the process to distinguish the right article from the overload of information», Explains the founder of opinion sites LePost then Most at the Obs. Ultimately, the promise is to “find quality articles on topics that interest us“.

Flint uses machine learning techniques and “neural circuits”, that is to say “that it reflects in several dimensions, as does our brain», Explains Benoît Raphaël, also the father of the robot« Jeff », which will be abandoned in favor of Flint to clarify his experimental approach.

What fruits will be collected after the experimental phase? For the moment, no search for funding is envisaged. While “each robot produces its newsletterDaily for free for now, the tool could be used both for journalists and for the general public.

Benoît Raphaël wants “get people out of their filter bubbles», At a time when Google is regularly point at for a certain determinism on its research results, by technological automatism, or for advertising purposes.

Founder : Thomas Mahier, Benoît Raphaël

Creation date : 2016 (Trendsboard 2013)

Seat : Paris

Workforce : 2

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