Fliike: your Facebook fans in real time in store

by bold-lichterman

Available for pre-order since this morning, the first copies of this social counter should be delivered in November 2013.

Member of the last promotion of the campsite, the start-up Smiirl is positioned at the crossroads of the Internet of Things and the social, by developing a real connected Facebook counter.

Dedicated to small traders, this social counter displays in real time the number of fans identified on the brand’s page. A simple way to make the social media activity of a company tangible in the real world.

“The idea germinated when I was working in an advertising agency for social media campaigns,” says Gauthier Nadaud. “Sixt (specialist in car rental) wanted to deploy a game for three weeks in order to increase its number of fans. I figured that the most effective way to convert a customer into a member of a brand’s digital community would be to install a device when the user, happy, returns their rental car. “

Gauthier is working on this concept and joins forces with Raphaël Pluvinage (Designer) and Romain Cochet (CTO). Some time later, the trio joined the fourth promotion of the Camping and developed the first prototype of Fliike. Since 11:30 am this morning, the meter, with its very sleek design, is available for pre-order. “We are positioning ourselves a bit on the Kickstarter model. The idea is to launch pre-orders to assess the market and then start production ”. Marketed 300 euros HT, the first 500 copies should be delivered next November. Confident, Gauthier tells us that he has already registered 25 pre-orders.

In detail, the next buyers will have to connect Fliike to an electrical outlet, then connect to the “Smiirl” network from a computer or a smartphone. Last step: go to smiirl.com and identify yourself as the administrator of the Facebook page in question.

Still on the self-financing model, the young company is now seeking to raise 500,000 euros. Objective: to develop an internal lab with 3D printing tools to work on future prototypes, expand the teams and build a network of distributors.

Smiirl is still very discreet, but is also considering declining its concept by relying on the Twitter, Spotify or Instagram platforms …