Flavius ​​/ Reverso offers an identical copy of your site or application in another language

by bold-lichterman

For more than 20 years, Reverso-Softissimo designs translation solutions for large groups in particular and publishes Reverso.net, translation platform (10 languages) and online dictionary which claims 6M users per month.
The French company participated in a European project with several million euros for the creation of Flavius, a platform to allow publishers of websites and applications to easily generate multilingual versions of their content.


The result, Flavius.Reverso.net already claims more than 3000 translated sites. Flavius ​​allows the structure, design and illustrations of the original site or applications to be preserved in other languages. To translate a site, all you have to do is enter its address in Flavius. Correction can be done in collaborative and connected mode. Foreign versions are also optimized for referencing by the platform. The service will soon be rebranded to “Reverso Localize”.

Interview with Théo Hoffenberg, President of Reverso-Softissimo.