Fitle digitizes the fitting room

by bold-lichterman

5.5 billion euros. This is what the online shopping market represented in 2015. A fairly significant figure but which could be even higher if certain major problems were resolved: hesitation and disappointment when receiving the package . Fitle found a solution to all these problems!

The start-up offers fitting rooms online. An avatar allows you to try on an item of clothing and actually see what it might look like on you. For size, Fitle has created a size recommendation guide. More details with Charles Nouboué, CEO and co-founder.

Frenchweb: What problem does Fitle solve?

charles-nouboue-fitle-2016Charles Nouboué, CEO and co-founder: Fitle is a Parisian startup that develops solutions to facilitate the sale of clothing online. We started from a simple observation: today, before buying a garment in a physical store, we try it on us in the cabin to see if it fits us. On the Internet, however, it is impossible to do the same. Result: 60% of the clothes put in a basket are not bought, due to concerns about the size to choose, and 1/4 of the clothes are returned, for the same reasons.

Fitle remedies this problem by offering two solutions. The main one: the virtual fitting, which allows the customer to try on a piece of clothing like in a boutique thanks to his avatar created via the Fitle application. The second: the size recommendation, which allows the customer in 3 clicks to know the size that would suit him best according to the brand.

What is your value proposition?

Fitle responds to a problem: the inability to try on and choose the right size on an online store. After three years of research and development, we have developed a world first: the online try-on of clothes. Thus we offer solutions that contribute to increasing sales, reducing the return rate, but above all, improving the customer experience.

Currently Fitle offers both brands to lower their return rate and customers to view their virtual double trying on any garment. We provide a real guarantee of profitability to a brand that wants to increase its conversion rate and lower its return rate.

Who are the users of your solutions?

Fitle markets its solution to brands and e-commerce sites. These partners are eager to improve their conversion rate (lack of turnover for them) and reduce their return rate. The implementation of Fitle technology in their e-shops addresses these issues and increases their profitability. But above all, build customer loyalty through a significantly improved shopping experience.

The Fitle app is also offered free to users looking for a better online shopping experience. Via our application, they can create their virtual double, which can be used with our network of partners and benefit from the same purchasing comfort as in-store, but 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What is your development plan?

Fitle’s virtual fitting and size recommendation solutions are already available and used daily by tens of partners and thousands of people. Our challenge today is to continue our commercial deployment, in order to pass the milestone of 100 partner brands by the end of 2016. This commercial launch will be accompanied by targeted communication with our users in order to quadruple our daily users by 2017.

Fitle is now a team of 21 people. We currently have several recruitments planned on commercial and technical profiles.

The commercial deployment of Fitle is scheduled for Q2 2017. We will primarily target the English and German markets where e-commerce is highly developed and where players are facing the same issues.

What are your challenges?

As with any start-up, the main challenge for Fitle is currently to make itself known and be adopted by the market. Fitle is now fortunate to have excellent word of mouth, and users satisfied with the solution. It’s up to us to grow this base.

Fitle must also manage its growth, offer a service which must remain of irreproachable quality as the user base grows and above all, grow the team, in order to support our customers.

Who are your competitors?

Fitle’s real competitor today is in-store fitting rooms, although we prefer to see ourselves as complementary! 😉

Founders : Charles Nouboué and Gaëtant Rougevin-Baville

Seat : Courbevoie

Creation date : December 3, 2013

Fundraising: 1 million euros (750,000 euros by Business angels plus 250,000 euros from the BPI), realization of a series A in early 2017

Capital : 161,028 euros

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