First French survey on the uses of Foursquare

by bold-lichterman

Who are the fans of check-in in France? Difficult to answer this question, since to date all the studies carried out around Foursquare only concern users located across the Atlantic. To remedy this shortcoming, the Lille agency Nice to meet you has just put online the first French survey dedicated to the uses of the famous application.

First French survey on the uses of FoursquareFrench Foursquare users are therefore invited, from today until September 22, to visit to answer a questionnaire lasting a maximum of 5 minutes. In total, 8 questions embellished with winks to the news. A draw is also organized. Participants will thus have the opportunity to win Foursquare goodies.

The results will be available in October in the form of a white paper and an infographic.