Firefox will block ad tracking

by bold-lichterman

New threat to online advertising. Already faced with a wave of softwaread blocking on computer and mobile, the sector will have to deal with a new function available in the next version of Firefox.

The foundation’s browser already offers private browsing. Called “Private Window”, it offers browsing without saving the history, searches performed, cookies or even temporary files. But the Mozilla Foundation now intends to go further. The option “Tracking Protection», Currently being tested in beta, will offer browsing while also blocking third-party modules that track Internet users in order to determine their behavior profiles and display targeted advertisements.

13.26% market share

“Not everyone understands what loading a web page can entail. However, the tracking is an important subject, which already worried some of our users ”, explain to Figaro Mark Kayo, the vice president of the Mozilla foundation in charge of Firefox.

Unlike Edge and Chrome published by Microsoft and Google, Firefox is published by the non-profit Mozilla foundation. According to NetApplications, its market share was 13.26% in September on computers.

The anti-tracking market is booming. Beyond browsers, the start-up Trackbuster proposes, for example, to neutralize the modules of tracking present in e-mails.

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