Fidall launches its good deals offer

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of his first birthday, Fidall, leader in the dematerialization of loyalty cards, has just launched a new feature, “ Fidall Good Deals“.

Fidall allows you to enter once and for all the information of your loyalty cards on a mobile application but also to subscribe to a selection of new cards with a single click, without having to complete the same questionnaire several times.

Fidall launches its good deals offerIts new offer guarantees retailers and brands the targeting of the most active consumers, holders of loyalty cards. A way to stand out from its competitors, most of which only take into account a geolocation criterion.

Yann Casanova, founder of Fidall: “The good plans disseminated will thus be in limited number, but will represent real value for the end user”. Available now for iPhone users, “Fidall Bons Plans” should arrive soon for Android.

Last May, the specialist in dematerialization solutions for loyalty cards had completed its first round table, from three private investors. Since its launch in July 2010, iPhone app has already been downloaded by 450,000 people who have registered 2 million loyalty cards. The next goal is to reach one million downloads by the end of 2011.