Fiat-Chrysler partners with Google to launch fleet of autonomous minivans

by bold-lichterman

After Volvo, which announced the test of autonomous cars in the streets of London in 2017, it is the turn of the Fiat-Chrysler group to get into the race. It will do so with Google (Alphabet) on its minivan model, the “Chrysler Pacifica”. The engineer teams from the constructor and Alphabet will combine their knowledge for these new tests from 2017, specify companies. Google will be able to “extend its tests” carried out so far.

A fleet of 100 vehicles will be equipped with sensors developed by Google. The teams will also share a single center based in southern Michigan. Google and Chrysler are targeting “those who cannot drive”. What to suggest that it would be a question of quickly launching on the services, with target users.

“Autonomous cars have the capacity to reduce the number of road fatalities in the United States, currently 33,000 people per year, and 94% of which are caused by human error,” the statement continued. While Google is already testing its self-driving cars in four cities in the United States, Chrylser’s minivan will first run on the firm’s test grounds in California, before being put on the roads.

Car manufacturers are stepping up their announcements about the driverless car. Before Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors which bought a start-up specializing in these technologies, and especially the Chinese Baidu which wants to run its cars across the Atlantic from 2018.

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Credit: Chrysler