Fake news: from parody to political propaganda

by bold-lichterman

Ah the famous fake news. While our deputies are striving to define what this could be legally in order to be able to sanction them, let’s take a few minutes to take a step back with Romain Pigenel, co-founder of Futurs.io and former director of digital communication at l ‘Elysée and the Government of the François Hollande era.

We return with him to the origins of propaganda and its transformation in the age of digital and social networks. A massification of the dissemination of information, and a fortiori of misleading information, which goes much further with the emergence of platforms and putaclic. The political campaigns having always aimed to win, Romain explains to us how Obama and Trump rushed into this breach of the manipulation of algorithms with the success we know them …

If the subject interests you, we can only advise you to read Romain’s posts on Medium and follow his news, it is rumored that a high-level hackathon on fake news is in preparation.


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