Facing Tinder, Happn claims 1.5 million new members every month

by bold-lichterman

Unlike many of its competitors, the Happn dating app wants to offer an alternative offer to algorithms. “Just because you like the same green salad with the same seasoning doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love. We believe in chance ”, assures Frenchweb Didier Rappaport, the CEO of the French start-up who is, moreover, one of the co-founders of Dailymotion. A speech that is reflected in the television campaign which recently started.

The company has developed a technology that is based on geolocation with the user found in his timeline the other members of the application that he meets during the day and who are located nearby. A model that has conquered 9 million members around the world, according to its founder, 60% of whom log on every month. A figure that is increasing since Happn, which launched in January 2014, claims to register 1.5 million new registrants each month.

Over $ 20 million raised

After raising $ 8 million in 2014, then € 12.5 million in 2015, the company quickly set sail for the international market. “In terms of use, our first city today is São Paulo, the second is London, Paris is only third”, specifies Didier Rappaport. Benuos Aires and New York follow. In Asia, Happn has already spread to Hong Kong, Manila and Bangkok. And from 2016, the application will be launched in Tokyo.

In order to monetize its audience, Happn opted for a model freemium. Registration and use are free for basic features, but you have to pay to access additional services. However, the start-up must face competition from the American giant Tinder, classic dating sites (Match.com…) or even new players like Once. More details with Didier Rappaport, CEO of Happn.

CEO: Didier Rappaport

Launch: January 2014

The head office : Paris

Funding: over $ 20 million raised

Competitor: Tinder, Once, classic sites …

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