Facing TikTok, Instagram will test its Reels feature in France and Germany

by bold-lichterman

The Instagram image-sharing app, owned by the social network Facebook, announced on Tuesday that it would test in France and Germany a set of features for editing short entertainment videos, similar to China’s popular TikTok app. adolescents around the world. ” We consider Reels (the name of these features, editor’s note) as a central element in the future of entertainment on Instagram ”, featured Instagram in a statement.

A new tab will be available in the application, and will allow you to add visual effects, synchronized music or transitions to short videos recorded with the smartphone. Another difference with the usual content posted on Instagram: these videos are intended to be shared and “discovered” beyond the sole circle of subscribers. The first videos made are very similar to those from the social network TikTok, belonging to the Chinese ByteDance, popular with young adolescents before the pandemic, and which has gained further popularity during the confinement, now rallying many adults.

Looking for a “new generation of designers ”

“We weren’t the first to create news feeds, we weren’t the first to create Stories, we sure weren’t the first to create short videos.”Instagram product director Vishal Shah commented to AFP, also citing other sources of inspiration such as Snapchat or Vine. But according to him, the interest comes mainly from the integration of this new format in a platform with more than a billion users, he explained.

The company is also looking for a “New generation of creators”, able to renew its most active user base. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 for a billion dollars. The company then largely monetized its audience, adding ads and other sponsored content to the app.