Facing Snapchat, Instagram launches Threads, a photo-sharing messenger

by bold-lichterman

Facebook launched Threads on Thursday, a messaging app dedicated to sharing photos and videos with close friends on a list defined by each Instagram user. This new service offered by the social network giant is in direct competition with Snapchat messaging. Threads is an application in its own right, but it uses a list of “close friends” that it has been possible since last year to create on Instagram, the network dedicated to images also belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s group.

A young audience

Threads is the fastest way to share a photo or video with your close friends on Instagram », said Instagram chief product officer Robby Stein. ” Messages from your list of close friends will appear in both Threads and Direct (the internal messaging system for the Instagram application, Editor’s note) so that you can fully control how and with whom you want to interact ”, said Mr. Stein.

The user’s phone camera launches automatically when Threads is opened to make it easier to share photos or videos. This feature is particularly popular with a young audience, adept at visual communication. Threads also allows users to update their status to indicate the activity they are doing or the type of location they are in without giving the exact address.

Under fire from critics for several months for its use of the personal data of its members, Facebook ensures that it takes privacy issues seriously. ” Only your close friends will see your status and that’s only if you decide to share it ”, explains Mr. Stein. Threads is available on all smartphones using software developed by Apple or by Google (Android).