Facing Shapr, Tinder alumni launch a networking app

by bold-lichterman

After the war of dating apps, here’s the war of networking apps. And the latest of these apps that connect professionals based on their interests is none other than the work of former Tinder employees. From love to business, there is only one step.

Launched today by Ryan Ogle, former CTO of Tinder, Paul Cafardo, ex-Director of Engineering at Tinder, and Gareth Johnson, former Lead Designer at Tinder, Ripple – not to be confused with the most dynamic cryptocurrency of the moment – appears as a “professional Tinder”. Although Ryan Ogle claims this is not a remastered Tinder, the use of Ripple is strongly reminiscent of the dating app. Indeed, Ripple is based on the “swipe”, a concept popularized by Tinder which consists of horizontally scrolling profile proposals.

Facing Shapr Tinder alumni launch a networking app

Ripple under the supervision of Match Group,
the owner of Tinder

No wonder, since this app was originally an internal Tinder project. However, the American company felt that it deserved to make it a full-fledged app rather than yet another feature on the dating app. In the end, Match Group, who owns Tinder, made a deal with the dating app to make Ripple a separate business and fund it. Match Group now owns an undisclosed minority stake in the new app.

In contrast, compared to the dating app, Ripple tries to minimize the importance of photos, showing more textual information about users’ profiles that can be viewed without having to leave their profile, such as their professional background, their skills, their university course or even the events to which the user has been. The app also offers to find nearby profiles that might be of interest to the user, which can allow him to create events and groups, which other users can join.

Facial recognition to find nearby users

To help users save time when registering, the app can automatically pull your information from social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. In order to stand out, Ripple offers a facial recognition feature to more easily find people on the app. You just have to aim at someone’s face with their smartphone to find their profile on Ripple.

In the market for connection applications between professionals, Ripple will have to face competition from Shapr, which is based on a suggestion algorithm making it possible to offer a personalized selection of around fifteen people to members of the application every day. Last year, the company headed by Ludovic Huraux raised $ 9.5 million. To date, the application has more than 800,000 users. In addition to Shapr, players such as Grip and Cityhour have positioned themselves in this business segment.