Faced with the iMac, Microsoft would play the all-in-one card on its Surface PC

by bold-lichterman

  • Microsoft’s next all-in-one Surface PC is expected to come with Windows 10 and come in three screen sizes (21, 24, and 27 inches).
  • This new product could be equipped with a multi-touch screen that can recognize up to 100 different pressure points.
  • Microsoft has not confirmed the launch of the product, or even an event for the month of October.
  • The Redmond firm ended its fiscal year on June 30 with a turnover of $ 85.3 billion, a drop of 9% in one year.

The rumor has already been running for a few months but it has taken on more consistency in recent days. Thus, Microsoft could unveil an all-in-one Surface PC running Windows 10 to compete with the iMac. At least, that’s what Mary Jo Foley says in the columns of ZDNet.com. According to the sources of the American journalist, the project would respond to the code name “Cardinal”. Microsoft’s new product would aim to enhance interactivity between the computer and the user.

For now, the IT group is highlighting on its site the opportunities offered by the touchscreen of its tablets. It is thus possible to draw on the screen and take notes with a stylus, as if it were natural writing. Multi-touch touch interaction also allows you to select, zoom and move items on the screen with your fingers.

The Surface Cardinal would be equipped with Windows 10 and should be offered in three screen sizes: 21, 24 and 27 inches. Moreover, the 24 and 27-inch models should benefit from a 4K touch screen, the result of screen technology developed by Perceptive Pixel, a start-up acquired by Microsoft in 2012.

A consumer version of the Surface Hub tablet

Mary Jo Foley even suggests that the all-in-fun of the Redmond firm could be a smaller consumer version of the professional Surface Hub tablet, presented in January 2015. Available in 55 and 84 inches, the Surface Hub has a multi-touch screen that can recognize up to 100 different pressure points. If the arrival of this technology on the all-in-one PC from Microsoft were to be confirmed, it would guarantee a very precise touch screen and allowing several users to work at the same time.

The launch of the Surface Cardinal was in the era since the publication, in February 2016, of an all-in-one PC modular patent, filed by Microsoft a year earlier. Internally, this fall’s event would be called “Project Rio”.

In addition to the launch of the Surface Cardinal, Microsoft could also take the opportunity to unveil improvements for its tablets in the Surface line. According to Mary Jo Foley, the event could be held on October 26 in New York. However, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the launch of this new product and the holding of an event in October. Still, the Redmond firm will have a hard time competing with Apple. Between April and June, the apple brand sold 4.3 million Macs.

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