Faced with Periscope Live, Facebook plays the people and media card

by bold-lichterman

Facebook is continuing its efforts to switch more and more towards video. With this in mind, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has signed contracts with nearly 140 media and celebrities, according to information reported by the Wall Street Journal. These agreements provide for the creation of videos for Facebook Live, the live streaming service launched last year on the platform.

To convince the creators of videos, Facebook did not hesitate to put its hand in the portfolio. The Menlo Park firm has planned to put more than $ 50 million on the table to obtain all of these contracts, according to the American daily. 17 of these agreements include amounts in excess of $ 1 million. The best-off publisher is BuzzFeed, which is due to receive $ 3.05 million to create content between March 2016 and March 2017. Just behind, the New York Times is awarded a check for $ 3.03 million while CNN completes the podium with a contract worth $ 2.5 million.

Two thirds of viewings come from “replay”

Among the partners of the social network are leading media such as CNN, Vice Media, The Huffington Post and Mashable. Facebook has also targeted celebrities by winning deals with star chef Gordon Ramsay, NFL player Russell Wilson and comedian Kevin Hart, the last master of ceremonies for the Oscars. “We wanted to invite a wide range of partners so that we could get feedback from a variety of different organizations on what works and what doesn’t.“Said Justin Osofsky, vice president in charge of global operations and media partnerships at Facebook, quoted by the WSJ.

To maximize its audience, Facebook automatically sends a notification to its users as soon as a publisher, whose Facebook page they have “liked”, launches a live streaming. As on Periscope, the video is stored at the end of the live broadcast for later review. According to the leaders of the social network, two thirds of the views counted for a live video come from the “replay”.

Facebook at the crossroads facing Periscope

The announcement of these partnerships with the media and celebrities follows on from the comments made by the Facebook staff. Last March, the social network said it was going to start paying creators to encourage them to use Facebook Live. Last week, the social network, through Nicola Mendelsohn, put a layer back. Facebook’s European director estimated that writing would disappear in favor of video in the next 5 years. “Every year we see a decrease in text… If I had to bet on something I would say: video, video, videoShe had proclaimed.

Difficult to be clearer as Mark Zuckerberg announced last November that nearly 8 billion videos were viewed every day on Facebook. However, the social network, despite its 1.65 billion users, has a lot to do in the live video industry, dominated by Periscope. The Twitter subsidiary has continued to gain ground in recent months, especially in France thanks to the slippage of Serge Aurier, the Paris Saint-Germain player, who made degrading remarks last February about Laurent Blanc , his trainer.

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